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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 8, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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electric opening day celebration. >> there's no day like opening day. it's about spring. it's about hope and enthusiasen. everybody is in a good mood. >> reporter: the city's smallest soup euper hero dropped in. san francisco's bat kid, kindergartener miles scott who is in remission for leukemia throughout the first pitch. what were you thinking when you were out there? >> it was great. >> reporter: for those on hand to watch it all it's day to remember. >> it's like christmas. i couldn't sleep last night. >> play ball. >> reporter: also on hand today giant fan bryan stow who was severely beaten three years ago after a los angeles dodgers opening game against the giants. he waved to the crowd and got a
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hunl show of support today. the fans are still linesed here outside at&t park. they are hoping to get a glimpse of the players and the coaches as they make ware way out again today. the giants did not disappoint. giants 8, diamondbacks, 3. thank you. some mu features to the ballpark including new security measures. the most noticeable change comes right when you walk in. everyone entering the ballpark will have to go through metal detectors. bags do not have to go through them but they are inspected. fans are being asked to remove all metal objects from their pockets. it's a league wide mandate in an effort to increase security. >> it's a big day for the players as well especially the newcomers like michael morse delivering two runs here. all smiles for this team under
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the sun today. giants are off to great start. it's nice to see tim hudson with a great start. >> reporter: blue skies, great baseball temperatures and the giants offense that continues to stay red hot. before the season started most of the talk was about the pitching. once again it was a hitting stealing the headlines. pick it up in the first inning. once again he comes up big. up and over the right for a true run homer and a 2-0 giants lead. tim hudson with eight strong innings. >> he's doing really what he was doing the second half of last year. that's what you're hoping to see from these flayers is growth.
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certainly he's grown into a smarter hitter and more dangerous hitter. this offense has more lean to it. i think you put morris in the line up and it stretches it out even more and gives you more power. we have a healthy pegan doing a great job. it's early. last year it was similar. we swung the bats very well early and the second half we had our struggles offensively. that's what we want to stay away from. the best way to stay away is from the injuries and hopefully they have the years that they normally have. if we do that we'll be fine. >> great pitching. some two out hitting. you don't need much more than that. coming up at 6:00, we'll have much more on today's solid opening win for the giants. >> they looked very sharp. thanks. 7-3 is the giants win. our coverage continues in about ten minutes. we'll show you a new app that will help you explore all the
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new features and the food features at the ballpark. giants fever has spread to our website, we have created a slide show of fan photos. we love to see your orange and black spirit too. you can share your pictures by clicking the send pics tab on our main page. it was a beautiful day at the ballpark but it was also a toasty day. even hotter in the south bay. this is what it looks like in san francisco and san jose. you want to bring in chief meteorologist jeff who is tracking the spring heat and almost feels like summer. >> made a huge difference depending on how the wind wads blowing. 65 degrees and then you head to soma and we had 82 degrees. a little bit of an offer shore wind. temperatures jumped nearly 20 degre degrees. san jose at 90. we're going to under go some changes as we head throughout
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tomorrow's forecast. the winds will shift on shore. cooling down by 9 degrees to 81 and also to 80. we'll hold steady but some of the biggest changes will include fog at the immediate coastline. we'll talk about this coming up and if it holds any possibility of rainfall in the forecast in about ten minutes. hillary clinton did drop a hint about her presidential aspirations. she was in the bay area for two vents this week. she's criss crossing the western states. here she is on a speaking tour. >> reporter: sounds like me might be closer to making a decision. today she said she is thinking about running for president. five appearances, political
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experts say everything she is doing is pointing to that end. today mrs. clinton gave the keynote address in front of several thousand at a marketing conference saying the hard questions aren't do you want to be president or can you win. the hard question is why. from san francisco this former san francisco of at a time headed to portland. she'll make a stop in las vegas and it's back to the bay area. >> barack obama showed that it was very effective to try to bring new voters into the system and target young voters. i think that hillary clinton is following that same play book. reach out to young people and try to cement that identification with the democratic party and certainly college cam puses in california will be a friendly audience for her. >> reporter: on thursday she's scheduled to appear at the san jose university event as part of a lecture series featuring prominent women. she's been doing great job
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keeping herself relevant nand the public eye since she left secretary of state 14 months ago. thank you. also new at 5:00, a rough trip for some passengers aboard a cruise ship visiting san francisco. the princess cruise line says 37 of the more than 3,000 passengers on its crown princess ship are sing. they have noro virus. it's a stomach ailment that's very contagious. none of the sick passengers elected to leave the ship and everyone on board is instructed to frequently wash their hands. it's a key step in stopping the spread of the virus.
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the flames were fueled by a leaking gas line. no one was hurt. still to come, is hope fading. the snag search team vs hit as they follow up on what they said their most prominent was. a civil rights attorney is representing raymond chow. we go back to the ballpark where the game on the field and some new food options. we'll tell you about the new and unusual munchies available at the ballpark. at 6:00, you can drive a boat in california without any training required. now after nbc bay area investigation those rules may be changing. what they will have to do if the new bill becomes law. that's new at 6:00.
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a gas leak in san francisco's bay district caused a leak today. an eight inch main was damaged around 9:45 this morning. emergency officials evacuated three homes. you see our nbc chopper was on site. pg&e capped the gas leak 30 minutes later and everyone was back in their home. now to our continuing coverage. not guilty is the plea from cincinnati senator leland lee. today a legendary civil rights attorney has joined another member of that team. >> reporter: bay area attorney jay tony sera is representing raymond chow.
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some people are calling him an unreformed gangster but tony says he's client is incident. now this trial is going to be surrounded by a lot of publicity. >> the government created the crime. the government financed the crime. >> reporter: he's never been at a loss for words. he's colorful. >> i'm anti-government. i'm anti-overreaching government. >> reporter: now he's representing raymond chow. >> this is a case where the government infiltrated and created the crime. he's practiced law in california since 1962 and successfully defended black panther leader huey newton in a murder trial. he also represented barry bond
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for a short time. he's not surprised he's part of the fbi corruption case. >> he can make jurors believer that the sky is green even though it's blue. it's a talented persuasive lawyer. >> reporter: a lawyer who has been on the other side of the law. he's been suspended from practicing law twice and served time in prison for refusing to pay income taxes in protest against u.s. wars. >> you feel my commitment to him. we ain't going to lose this case. >> reporter: here is an example of things to come. tony passed out this flier. it's very small and you might not be able to see it. on the left there's a picture of raymond chow. on the right there's a red
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t-shirt. it says free shrimp boy. it's example of things to come. reporting live i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. let's take you in another direction. we have video of the baby falcons. three fuzzy chicks seen here. you can see them hatching from their eggs with help of mother falcon. the fourth baby is still in the egg. clara has raised them on the roof of the city hall. they will name the chick in an art an essay contest. back to the ballpark. a lot of people skipping school or work today. why not? it's tradition. the giants home opener just wrapped up. more than 40,000 fans are on their way home. giants beat the diamondbacks 7-3.
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>> reporter: going to at&t park is like going to a carnival in a baseball game. to help you navigate is a mobile device called at the ballpark. >> it will let you know you're here. the aid of where things are in the ballpark is in the app. >> reporter: you can move from the bleachers to a box seat thanks to the app. they will beat you when the giants drop the price on a selected food item like the new fried pickle chips. the other new item this system, the logo worn by stretch. >> the orange jersey friday. ten giants locations. >> reporter: a tribute to giants broadcaster this season with a
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bobl led. >> something else that goes together, baseball and hot dogs. that's the only kind of food you'll find at at&t park. they created a new bratwurst. it's seasoned with spicy brown mustard and on a pretzel bun. >> we're going to try fried pickle chips this year. it's an item we think that kids will really like and i'm hoping we have lines at the fried pickle chip stand like at the garlic fried stand. have you heard about the bowling alley yet? there's a bowling alley in the ballpark. it's an exclusive area for private members. it's two lanes and a private bar. there's a game room also featuring a pool table and retro
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arcade style video games. you can't have a bowling alley in a ballpark. maybe jeff can get us in. >> i need to check my e-mail. no doubt some awesome food. also some incredible weather today on opening day. we had 82 degrees. it was in the 60s. the offshore wind proved to be excellent. san jose at 90. last time it was this warm across the bay area. let eets get you to the latest change we're starting to see now. it's a cold front. it's off to the north. that continues to get closer. we are going to see some changes in the forecast. we'll have more on that coming
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up in about 45 seconds. also averaging 80 in the north bay. we'll take you across the p peninsula. you can see the haze off towards the distance. some of that is a function of the on shore flow and fog that will be coming back in the forecast to drop our temperatures. we'll take you to future cast. this does depict the cloud cover the best. we are looking at widespread cloud cover. tomorrow morning we're not looking at a fog out. we'll mainly start clear from the north bay to the south bay. what you'll see as we head throughout the day not at 1:00 but mainly by 6:00 we'll see the bank of fog build up at the coastline and a slight on shore wind. that's going to be be good enough to drop our temperatures. let's get a look. you'll be able to see the trend as we head throughout wednesday and also thursday.
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it's going to be going down. san francisco from the 80s. it's 68 for wednesday. 70 for thursday. you can see we'll have mainly sunny skies and a bit of cloud cover passing over and temperatures on the cooler side compared to today. it will be warm out there. 81 in san jose. 84 in morgan hill. 79 in palo alto. also going to be a nice day up into the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. not quite 90s. we'll go for 81 in napa. 79 in santa rosa. 73 in oakland a tri-valley a mix of low 80s. only thing in forecast is the pollen. it's been at high levels the
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past couple of days. it will remain in the moderate category. tweaking twitter, the big change the social media giant is making to it ts profile. the move made in sacramento that will keep the killer whales swimming.
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hey! welcome home! hey mom! woah, this kitchen looks beautiful. it's bigger! it's great, right? give him the tour. let me show you! quartz countertop, soft-close drawers, farm sink, under cabinet lighting, look at this spice rack. where's my room?
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right there where it's always been! we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. just slide right in! because your kitchen dreams can be big, ikea has it all. no new pings. search crews have come up empty in the search for pings which
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were thought to be coming from the missing malaysian jet liner. they were first heard saturday and sunday hoping for spark in a breakthrough. nothing has been heard since then. the frequency of the sounds was consistent with a pings that could come from the black box and the voice data recorder. this is day 32 of the search and the batteries on the voice cockpit voice recorder and the black box are expected to run out after 30 days. shamu's future is on hold tonight. state lawmakers did not vote on the bill. lawmakers said they needed more studies. it would have been the import, export and breeding of orcas. sea world would have to move the whales out of tanks. spothsers claim they are being mistreated but officials say the bill would cripple their program that rescues hurt animals.
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>> the bill had flaws that need to be fixed. we can continue to address this issue. >> the sooners lawmakers could consider again will be sometime next year. a 100 million dollar gift is being shared by two bay area children's hospitals and now the two facilities will be renamed to honor the donors. the money will strengthen research and ensure patients have access to world class facilities regardless of family incomes. twitter is getting a makeover. the social network unvailed its design on the today show this morning. kwlou can see the larger header and profile pictures. you see al roker right there. they can post pictures and videos. new twitter users will get the updated profiles first.
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everyone else will switch over in the next few weeks. this year's line up is outside tonight and making his debut this summer is kanye west. the killers are headlining the three-day festival. the festival runs august 8th through the 10th. tickets go on sale friday at 10:00. extra flair for fans. the new way at&t park will celebrate home runs. you have to hear it.
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this is what we're woorking on for our 6:00 newscast. two million people have been deported during president obama's time in the white house. we have our reality check series tonight. back to the jooigiants game. fans received some gifts. there are plenty of other promotions throughout the career. there's a bobble head that will be given during tomorrow's game. on april 26th the first 20,000 fans will get a replica of the world series ring and 20,000 fans will get hello kitty dolls on sunday, 28th. >> did you see the first home run at at&t park this afternoon? >> this one high.
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it is out of here. >> the red hot brandon bell bringing giants fans onto their feet. here is something new. you have to listen carefully. right after the home run we can't really hear it from the tv side of things but this is what fans heard across the ballpark. >> yahoo! >> no kidding. it's the yahoo yodle starting this year. it will boom at the ballpark after every home run. >> probably a lot after brandon goes. he's on fire lately. >> he's off to great start. thanks for joining us here. nightly news is next. >> bye.
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on our broadcast tonight on edge. a wild 48 hours as the crisis in ukraine rises up again. violence in the streets. fist fight in parliament and the u.s. is pointing directly at russia. in his defense, oscar pistorius breaks down on the stand as he describes for the first time publicly the night he shot and killed his girlfriend in the dark. fbi informant tonight. al sharpton answers questions about his past after new documents come out showing detaof information he gathered about organized crime. and new hope for people who have been told they will never walk again, now able to stand and move their legs thanks to a remarkable breakthrough. also tonight april 8th and why the white house says today's date is a bad day on the calendar for women. "nightly news" begins now.


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